15 Best Chris Tomlin Songs of All Time – Soul-Stirring Hymns


As a devout listener and appreciator of Christian music, I have been profoundly impacted by the musical offerings of Chris Tomlin. His prolific contribution as a songwriter and worship leader has truly reshaped the landscape of this genre, earning him recognition as one of its most influential figures.

In this post, I will take you on a journey through the 15 best Chris Tomlin songs of all time. This collection is not just my personal opinion but also reflects the views of various music experts and the global Christian community. The selection criteria include lyrical depth, melodic power, and the overall impact these songs have had on listeners.

1. “How Great Is Our God”

Beginning this list is “How Great Is Our God,” a song that has become nearly synonymous with Chris Tomlin. This piece stands out for its universal theme of God’s magnificence, its powerful melody, and its ability to reach across cultures. It’s been translated into several languages and is sung in congregations worldwide.

If there’s a Chris Tomlin song that can serve as a door into his music ministry, “How Great Is Our God” is it. It encapsulates Tomlin’s skill in crafting beautiful, soul-stirring hymns that praise and honor the divine.

2. “Amazing Grace (My Chains Are Gone)”

Tomlin breathed new life into the classic hymn, “Amazing Grace,” by adding a new chorus that magnifies the impact of this tune. The theme of liberation through grace resonates throughout the piece, amplified by the song’s powerful crescendo and Tomlin’s heartfelt delivery.

The profound message of this song has made it a favorite in Christian communities around the world. It’s a testament to Tomlin’s ability to reinvent classic hymns, making them more relatable to the modern listener.

3. “Whom Shall I Fear (God of Angel Armies)”

Next on the list is “Whom Shall I Fear (God of Angel Armies).” This tune serves as a comforting reminder of God’s protection, making it particularly poignant in times of uncertainty. With its catchy rhythm and reassuring lyrics, it’s no wonder that this song has found a special place among Christian music enthusiasts.

Whether you’re a seasoned believer or just beginning your spiritual journey, “Whom Shall I Fear” conveys an impactful message. It’s a testament to Tomlin’s skill in combining music and faith to inspire and strengthen listeners.

4. “Our God”

“Our God” is a bold declaration of faith, expressing the omnipotence of God in an awe-inspiring way. The song’s empowering lyrics, coupled with its compelling musicality, stirs the spirit and the soul. Particularly powerful is the bridge with the lyrics “If our God is for us, then who could ever stop us.”

This song encapsulates the strength and confidence that stems from unwavering faith. Its powerful message, coupled with Tomlin’s musical prowess, makes it a standout piece in his repertoire.

5. “Indescribable”

In “Indescribable,” Tomlin marvels at the wonder of God’s creation, capturing the grandeur of the divine artist through vivid lyrical imagery. The song is a beautiful auditory painting of the awe-inspiring, incomprehensible greatness of God.

It’s a testament to Tomlin’s ability to create songs that go beyond mere entertainment. His music serves as a medium to express profound spiritual truths, connecting listeners with the divine in a deeply personal way.

6. “Good Good Father”

Tomlin’s “Good Good Father” presents a tender portrayal of God as a loving parent. This song resonates deeply with listeners, providing comfort and promoting an intimate sense of divine love.

Songs like “Good Good Father” are indicative of Tomlin’s unique approach to Christian music. He skillfully blends faith, music, and emotion to create songs that reach out to listeners on multiple levels.

7. “At The Cross (Love Ran Red)”

“At The Cross (Love Ran Red)” is a powerful reflection on the sacrifice of Jesus and His boundless love. The tune’s compelling melody and heartrending lyrics make it an essential addition to worship gatherings and a poignant piece for personal reflection.

While Tomlin has many songs about love and sacrifice, “At The Cross (Love Ran Red)” is a standout piece. Its raw emotional impact sets it apart, marking it as one of Tomlin’s most profound and moving compositions.

8. “Holy is the Lord”

“Holy is the Lord” is a joyous celebration of God’s holiness. Its uplifting melody and resounding chorus inspire communal joy and reverence during worship. This song is another example of Tomlin’s talent for composing pieces that encourage congregational participation.

One of the hallmarks of Tomlin’s music is its ability to foster a sense of community. Songs like “Holy is the Lord” aren’t just performed; they’re experienced together, enhancing the sense of unity and shared faith among listeners.

9. “Jesus Messiah”

“Jesus Messiah” provides a powerful narrative of the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Its moving lyrics and compelling melody make it a standout in Tomlin’s repertoire.

The brilliance of this song lies in its ability to tell a familiar story in a fresh, engaging way. It demonstrates Tomlin’s talent for crafting songs that tell stories, carry deep meaning, and inspire listeners.

10. “I Will Rise”

“I Will Rise” is a song of hope and faith in the face of sorrow and death. It provides comfort to those grieving and serves as a beautiful reminder of the eternal hope Christians have in Jesus.

This song is another example of Tomlin’s ability to create music that speaks to the heart. It deals with a sensitive subject in a comforting and inspiring way, providing solace to those going through tough times.

11. “God’s Great Dance Floor”

“God’s Great Dance Floor” shows a departure from Tomlin’s traditional style. This energetic song invites listeners to rejoice in God’s love. Its dance-worthy beat and infectious joy make it a delightful addition to his diverse portfolio.

This song demonstrates Tomlin’s versatility as an artist. While he’s known for his worship anthems, he’s equally adept at creating energetic, joyous tracks that invite listeners to celebrate their faith.

12. “Lay Me Down”

“Lay Me Down” is a song of surrender, expressing faith and submission to God’s will. While its upbeat rhythm might suggest otherwise, the song’s lyrics touch on a profound spiritual theme. The tune beautifully expresses the joy that comes from surrendering to God.

“Lay Me Down” embodies Tomlin’s talent for crafting songs that are both enjoyable and spiritually significant. It’s an excellent example of how he uses music to convey complex spiritual concepts in an accessible and engaging way.

13. “Exalted (Yahweh)”

“Exalted (Yahweh)” is a stirring song of praise, expressing deep reverence and awe for God. Its grand musical arrangement complements its reverent lyrics, creating an atmosphere of worship that deeply moves listeners.

Songs like “Exalted (Yahweh)” showcase Tomlin’s skill in composing music that enhances worship. His songs aren’t just sung; they’re experienced, providing listeners with a deeper, more personal connection to the divine.

14. “Home”

“Home” offers an inspirational glimpse of heaven, expressing the longing for our eternal home. This song provides solace and hope, making it a comforting companion for those going through life’s challenges.

In songs like “Home,” Tomlin uses music to explore the complexities of faith and human emotions. His music speaks to listeners on multiple levels, offering comfort, hope, and inspiration.

15. “The Way (New Horizon)”

Rounding out our list is “The Way (New Horizon),” a song that speaks of God as a guide and pathfinder. The song’s invigorating music and encouraging message make it an anthem of faith for all who are seeking their way.

Final Words

Chris Tomlin’s music continues to touch hearts and inspire faith worldwide. His songs serve as more than mere entertainment; they’re a source of comfort, joy, and spiritual nourishment. Whether you’re exploring his music for the first time or revisiting his classics, these 15 compositions represent the best of Chris Tomlin’s extensive and powerful repertoire.

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